Thursday, May 17, 2012

Did you know Horse Trailer Manufacturing is not regulated?

"Do you have any Good, Used trailers?" I hear this phrase numerous times daily.  It's almost like we are programmed to use those words “good" and "used" in conjunction with each other. 

The fact is, finding a good trailer and a used trailer is quite contradictory. 

For a "good" trailer, it has to be safe.  What type of flooring does it have, the roof material, what are the dividers constructed of, can your horse see through the head portion of the divider, is the trailer well ventilated, well lite, will your horse be claustrophobic, will it hold together in an accident? ....all of these are things to consider. 

....Let's face it; the "bottom line" has become the driving factor for decisions, including most companies building horse trailers.  Large corporations are building horse trailers on mass production assembly lines like the automobile industry for the purpose of driving down cost and becoming more profitable. 

Unlike the automobile industry that is highly regulated by the government, there are few regulations for safety on trailers, so it is up to the individual company how "Safe" a trailer is built.   Since there are few regulations, and we all know "profits" are what all decisions are based on, you can fill in the blanks with your own mind.  To be more profitable, and to have a lower sales price, it becomes necessary to cut cost on every corner and perhaps sacrifice quality at the risk of safety.

While you may like the idea of lower pricing, you probably expect and assume all trailers are safe.  If you look at your trailer buying decision not as "how much does it cost?", but rather "does this company care about me and my horses safety", your entire perspective will change.

Over the next few weeks, we will discuss simple things to look for that may help you answer that question. 

Here is a sneak peak:Rear Tack compartments.  Various designs and are they safe...stay tuned!


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