Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Water, Your Horse, and the Winter

Water, Your Horse, and the Winter
As winter arrives in colder climates, you may notice your horse drinking less water.
Drinking less water can create real problems for horses. They need on average 10 to 12 gallons a day to wash everything through their digestive system. If this isn't happening, a bad colic or impaction can result.
So it's up to you to keep an eye on how much water your horses consume each day. Be on the lookout for signs of dehydration. Manure covered with mucus is a common sign. You can also do the little "skin pinch" test.” Pinch the skin on the shoulder so it folds between your fingers, and then let the skin go. On a hydrated horse, the skin will bounce back immediately. If it takes a few seconds for this to happen, your horse needs to drink more.
So, the age- old question comes back to haunt us: Can you lead a horse to water and make him drink?
One suggestion is to add a small amount of salt to your horse's feed, which may encourage him to drink after dining. (Strangely enough, I've often witnessed my horse licking away at his salt lick right after eating his grain. His salt lick is located right next to his bucket.)
One of the reasons horses drink less in the winter is because the water temperature becomes colder. Horses don't care for cold water. The obvious solution to this problem is to provide them with warm water, but beware. Creatures of habit that they are, they may become suspicious if their formally cool water is now given to them warm. This may turn them off to drinking the water and defeat the purpose you were trying to achieve.
To avoid this, don't heat the water too much. (For example, don't present water that has steam rising from it.) If your horse has a problem with drinking warmer water, play around with the temperatures until you find one that's acceptable.
If possible, invest in heated water buckets and/or tank heaters, which will help stop buckets from freezing. For outside troughs, try insulating them by setting them into the ground, rather than at ground level.
Water is essential to your horse's health, so taking steps to make sure he's drinking enough is worth your while, especially when you consider what could happen if he doesn't.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Double D, the Internet, and how it Benefits You

Double D, the Internet, and how it Benefits You
I often struggle to remember what life was like before the Internet. Do you remember what it was like?
Especially if you wanted to buy something. Your options were to go to a store or shop from a catalog. But those choices presented their own problems. For instance, what if the store wasn’t local to where you lived, but it had the item that you wanted?
Well, you could hop in your car and drive a great distance or you could call the store and purchase the merchandise over the phone and have it shipped to you.
Catalog shopping was similar to this method. You’d flip through the catalog and see something you liked. Then, you could either fill out the order form and mail it (that is, snail mail), or you could call the cataloger and order it over the phone.
Then, the Internet came along and everything changed.
Suddenly, you had global access to goods and services everywhere. And this was an advantage to both consumers and sellers.
And there was one other advantage to consumers that came about from this connectivity. The ability to reach out to other consumers who had purchased goods and get their feedback. People just like you, who had nothing vested in the product other than they needed it and wanted the most bang for their buck.
So what does this all have to do with Double D Trailers? Plenty!
Now, if you’re shopping for a horse trailer, you’re not restricted to your local dealer. You can do business with us whether you’re ten miles down the street or across the country.
Also, if you need to find out how other Double D customers feel about their trailer and their buying experience, you can go to Google and do a search and arrive at a Web site like this one, which is a forum at The Chronicle of the Horse. Here, you can read what actual buyers had to say about Double D horse trailers.
When you decide it’s time to buy a horse trailer, we’d love to hear from you.

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