Friday, June 26, 2009

EquiSpirit Horse Trailers

EquiSpirit Horse Trailers Invests Into New Plant In North Carolina

Southern Pines, NC (June 24th, 2009). Tom and Neva Scheve, authors of horse trailer books, safety articles, and designers and developers of the popular safety inspired EquiSpirit line of horse trailers, have fulfilled a life long dream of bringing EquiSpirit’s manufacturing home to North Carolina. While EquiSpirit’s corporate and sales offices have been in North Carolina since 1996, all manufacturing has been in Central Wisconsin.

With the investment of Brad and Bartley Heath, owners of Double D Trailers Manufacturing and Premier Trailer, a new 50,000 square foot facility has been implemented in Kinston, North Carolina, that will house EquiSpirit production. “The new facility has given us more room to expand research and development so as to continue our commitment to improving horse trailer safety,” says Tom Scheve. “In an industry where little or no R&D is being done, Neva and I, along with the Heaths, feel strongly about the quest to reduce the risks of trailering horses. This new facility has been outfitted with the modern technology and equipment needed to begin the new era of EquiSpirits and to hopefully develop new innovation for the trailer industry in general.”

Over the years, the Scheves have introduced a number of designs into the horse trailer market that have become standards. One such model line was the first standard warm blood size trailer in 1988 called EquiSport – a straight load design that went to a wider axle and interior width, along with 7’8” height, and 11’ stall. In 1998, EquiSpirit was first to offer a 3 horse straight/diagonal trailer as a standard model called the SafeLoad to compete against the inherent flaws of stacking horses in slant load trailers. Two new models will be added to EquiSpirit’s line-up by the end of the year.

The Heaths, who started production of their Double D line in 1998, have had similar philosophies with the Scheves on how to market their products. Both had adopted the unique policy of selling direct (no dealers) since their inception. “Allowing customers to have a direct line to the company not only allows for superior service but provides a constant stream of feed back to improve safety,” says Neva, who has done most of the designing for EquiSpirit. “Brad and Bartley Heath know the value of direct selling, having established the same program with their Double D line.

The Heath’s and Scheves have also entwined a policy of being more “green” in their approach to manufacturing. “We are able to do this in many areas with our new plant,” says Bartley Heath. “To mention few, we have reduced and will eventually eliminate paints. We’re moving more and more away from welding by utilizing today’s superior adhesives and tapes, and we’re being more selective in choosing materials, making sure they are environmentally friendly.”

The timing is good, said the Scheves, stating that the new changes and innovations are being launched on the 2010 EquiSpirits and will be rolling out of production by the end of this month. To their credit, the Scheves and Heaths have also recently developed and currently manufacture EquiBreeze, a full line of stock combo trailers designed specifically for transporting horses safely. Many of the standard safety features on EquiSpirits have been installed in the EquiBreeze in order to offer a trailer that is strong, safe, and affordable.

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The Scheves are responsible for three books on horse trailering, including the Complete Guide To Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing A Horse Trailer. They write numerous articles and give national clinics that promote horse trailer safety, and have owned and developed EquiSpirit Horse Trailers. The Heaths have created the successful Double D full line of horse Trailers that they have sold world wide.

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