Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Horse Trailer Travel in First Class

The Olympic Horses Travel First Class

You know how you feel every time you load your horse onto your trailer. You check and double check the hitch, lights, and brakes before you set out on your trip, confirming that everything is in perfect working order.

Well, imagine how you’d feel if you were responsible for shipping 200 of the world’s most elite equine athletes to the competition of their lifetime.

That’s the enormous task assigned to the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Their horse transportation system will ship the world’s equine Olympians to their competition venues and back again once the Olympic Games begin in Beijing on August 8.

This specialized transport fleet includes several air-conditioned horse vans, five horse ambulances, a veterinary van, and other support vehicles. The Hong Kong Jockey Club has had years of experience transporting top-notch thoroughbred racehorses around Hong Kong, so they’re well-equipped for handling the Olympic horses.

Designed for safety and comfort, the roomy and spacious vans can carry a total of six horses. Grooms can ride in the van to tend to their assigned horse’s needs, if necessary. An intercom system makes it easy for them to communicate with the van driver.

Accompanying the vans on trips to and from the competition venues will be a lead car, at least one horse ambulance, a veterinary van, and a maintenance car for any vehicle repairs. Police will serve as escorts for the fleet during the games.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club, in anticipation of this once-in-a-lifetime event, just recently set up a series of test runs which includes the Hong Kong Police Department. All horse transport vehicles received final safety checks at this time, too.

Sounds like the world’s equine elites will be in very reliable and experienced hands.

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